Thursday, October 28, 2010

My personal Christmas Store!

Every year for Christmas, I always strive to buy gifts for others that are not only something thoughtful for the recipient, but also gives back to a good cause. I'm so over consumerism, and giving my money to major corporations, like Best Buy and stores in the mall. You think of the thousands of dollars people spend on Christmas gifts a year. If all that money provided gifts and doubled by helping charitable organizations, now wouldn't that portray the real meaning of Christmas! If you just do a little research, you can find tons of gifts like this. is one of my favorites! Here are a couple of ideas, right now, that you don't have to research:

The headbands!

My salon is teaming up with a wonderful organization, called Because Every Mother Matters and selling headbands for Africa. The headbands are sewn by Ugandan refugees that are trying to support their children. A portion of the proceeds goes to them, a portion of the proceeds goes towards building Ethiopian birthing centers to prevent maternal and infant mortality due to childbirth (which is a big contributor to the 147 million world wide orphan crisis) and part of the proceeds will help our adoption. These headbands are the cutest things and every woman, no matter what age, would love them!

To purchase the headbands online from me, just go to our "Donate" button in the right column of our blog and make a $15 donation. In the message box, type "HEADBAND" and I can mail them to you. I will try my best to get you the exact pattern you want.

The cutest headband model ever!

Another organization our family is teaming up with is, Just Love Coffee Roasters. This is an organization that sells delicious coffee from Africa. In Ethiopia, coffee, is the export that generates most of the countries income. When you buy their coffee, a portion of the profit goes to help build schools in Ethiopia for older orphaned children, and a portion of the proceeds goes toward our adoption. To buy the coffee, just click on the website above and it will take you to our family store. There are so many different kinds of coffee and who doesn't love coffee!

Make a difference this Christmas, or just buy one for yourself, and let's change the world, one person at a time!

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