Monday, November 28, 2011

Let Faith Arise.

It's been a few months since I have posted any kind of update about our adoption. Honestly, not much has happened in that area since September, when I last posted. Jordan and I were fortunate enough to go to an adoption conference in Dallas last month and we came back with some great tools and knowledge that will definitely come into play when our son comes home. We also got to have each other's undivided attention to have some great conversation and discussions about our adoption, marriage, and life which is hard to find time to do in our crazy life lately. We are in our 10th month of waiting for that one phone call that will forever change our lives. The phone call from our agency that we have been matched with our son. We know nothing more than we did in our first month of waiting. There are no promises made in the adoption world, I have come to realize. There is no promised waiting time, no guarantee that our paperwork will be sufficient, no promise that we will even be approved by the Ethiopian courts to parent one of their own. So, amidst all this uncertainty, I find every ounce of myself clinging to HOPE. Knowing that no matter what happens or what our future has in store for us, that God will be there every step of the way getting us through it.

The past couple of months my relationships and responsibilities in my life, have been tested to the max. Whether it be as a wife, a mother, a business owner, or as a follower of Christ. I have never been the one to have doubts and struggles in those areas. If anything, I have always been the one on the other side of the table being that listening ear or shoulder to cry on. It's been an emotional rollercoaster working through these relationships that God is reshaping, strengthening and molding, so that these relationships can produce fruit and work towards His glory. I found myself reflecting on the past couple of years, the good and the bad, through old journals, my relationships,situations and circumstances, and honestly, the one thing I remember as I searched my heart was remembering and seeing His faithfulness through all of it. He opened my eyes so I could clearly see Him and how He has been working like crazy in my life from the very moment I declared my life his! Every prayer that I have sent his way, every thought, every tear, every joy, every relationship, he has carefully handsewn all of these little things together in my life making His beautiful masterpiece and through it all, no matter where I stood, his faithfulness has remained the same.

So I am very thankful during this season that he has brought me to. Thankful for all of the people in my life that God has allowed me to live life with. To encourage my walk and journey, and when times get tough, pointing me back in the direction of Jesus. I am thankful for my family who is willing to put up with me and help carry my heavy load when I need it. But most importantly, I am thankful for the strong hold that God has on my life no matter where I am or how I feel.

Moving forward, please continue to pray for our adoption process, that it all happens in God's perfect timing. Pray for God's provision through the rest of this journey. We will most likely have another fundraiser soon to help raise the rest of the funds needed for our travel expenses, so prayers as well for this. And last, but not least, pray for our son in Ethiopia. Pray that God is preparing his heart for all of the changes that will happen in his little precious life in the near future.