Sunday, May 22, 2011

Month Three of waiting....

It's been 3 months, since we sent in our dossier and have officially been on the waitlist,

1 year, since we mailed off our application to our agency and started this whole process,

and 2 years, since God had put on our hearts that we would have another child, and that he lives halfway across the world from us, and we need to go and get him.

3 years ago I would have never imagined our life looking the way it looks right now. The things that we have given up, the lessons we've learned (almost always the hard way), the GROWING UP we've done, and the way God has been consistently molding us into the people He needs us to be. Although it's been challenging, it's been worth it.

The day we bring our son home keeps getting closer and closer. We still don't know an exact time of anything. It would be a shot in the dark, even making an educated guess. We could get the call anywhere between next month to a year, maybe, if all goes according to plan................. Ok, who am I kidding, nothing ever goes according to plan these days. :)
Right now, we are just very complacent being held in His hands, knowing that it is all in God's timing

I was able to talk to our case worker last week. She said that between all of the orphanages affiliated with our agency, they combinably have enough children to match a child with every waiting family on the waitlist RIGHT NOW!

What's the reason for the wait?????

It's nothing we can control. We've done all the paperwork on our side, and the wonderful people of our agency have done their part (here in the US and in Ethiopia) The hold-up is, that, in order to claim that a child is truly an orphan and legally put them up for adoption, you need proof.
In the US, there would be death certificates of the parents, documents with parent signatures relinquishing their rights as parents, and so forth. There are systems in place, in our country, that require us to have proper documentation, and not only that, but it is at our disposal whenever we need it to use it as proof.

In Ethiopia, there is no paperwork. There are no birth certificates, death certificates, and definetely no system that advocate for the child that is orphaned and homeless on the street taking care of his 2 younger siblings with no family and nowhere to go. These orphanages, and the amazing people that run them, are the only thing that orphans on the streets of Ethiopia have when it comes to having a glimmer of hope. So, when these children find their way to an orphanage, there is not a piece of paper that comes with them stating, that both parents died of AIDS or their mother abandoned them because she could no longer care for them, because she was dying and could not even take care of herself. Usually, you don't even know the true age of the children or if they have even an aunt or uncle alive that could at least, try to take care of them. For these kids to be even thought of for adoption, these are things that you must know.Someone must investigate the lives of each child, and physically search and find information about their parents and their lives and prove that they are orphaned. You can only imagine, with 50 million orphans living in just Africa (there are 150 million orphans worldwide), how long it would take to do this, especially with not enough people willing to help and advocate for the orphan. I hope you are starting to see just how big the orphan crisis is, and how crucial we are to giving hope to this crisis, by everyone coming together and doing their part, may it be big or small. And, yes, I think we ALL play a part. If you are fortunate enough, right now, to be online reading this blog in the air conditioner while enjoying your weekend, then you have the ability to help, whether it's adopting your next child, bringing awareness in your community, showing support, donating your extra things to orphanages, or buying them a small Christmas present just to show them that they are thought of and loved. With each person doing their part, we will make ONE BIG  IMPACT and, together, we can take care of our fatherless children in the world. 

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27

It makes me GREATLY appreciate what we have here in the US, but often take for granted. The fact that we can get on a computer and order up and pay for a birth/marriage/death certificate, with the option of having it delivered overnight, is just a small petty convenience that we take advantage of. I don't care if you are left winged, right winged, or somewhere in the middle, I think we can all agree that, we have so much more than most countries to be thankful for. Especially, in Ethiopia. As a believer, I feel that these kind of blessings that gracefully have been given to us with no merit of our own, are ours to SHARE with everyone in His kingdom. To only focus on our country and just give back to only our country is neglecting the rest of the world, which makes up the rest of His kingdom. God is not American. And, I think it will be surprising to some when we get to Heaven and see all of the different people who are there.

"At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need." 2 Corinthians 9:14

 I hope to keep getting more updates about our adoption, so that I can keep telling our story and that His glory may be seen through it. Here are a few things that you can pray for while we wait:

- In earlier posts, I had mentioned a lawsuit that we have been in for the past 2 1/2 years. Well, unfortunately, it has not been settled yet. It's kind of become that dark cloud that won't go away. Just pray that we come to a settlement, and that we won't have any anxiety about how it will shake up our lives. That we remain trusted in Him and that He provides what we need to make this go away.

- Also, please pray for the people who have brought on this lawsuit. Pray for peace and understanding in her heart. That God may provide closure for her and her family.

-Please pray for our next fundraiser to help fund the rest of our adoption. We will very soon, be starting up another garage sale fundraiser that we will hold at the end of June, and hoping the God shows up HUGE.

Thanks, again, for everyone's letters, emails, and words of encouragement through all of this. They are truly from God and we feel every single one!!!