Monday, December 3, 2012

Keep Praying!

It has almost been 2 months since Moses has come home, and man, how busy those 2 months have been. We are at the point in our journey where our honeymoon period has ended!  Life is now trying to settle in to a new normal for the Michael family. For the most part we are having fun with this transformation. I hope to always remember little things about Moses when he first came home to us, like the dance he does after eating cookies, heck, after pretty much eating anything, This kid loves to eat! I want to remember his Darth Vader breathing and his adorably cute "E.T." walk, as Jordan likes to call it. I want to remember how many times in a day he gives us all full-on, puckered up, kisses and how he goes around the house yelling all of our names, as if he is practicing them. I also want to remember the sound of Stella and Max talking to him in Amharic. There is nothing cuter than seeing little kids speak in another language! 

Being a mother to 3 children, 5 and under, is exhausting! Jordan and I have gone from a man-to-man defense to zone. It has completely knocked my world upside down, and quite frankly THE hardest thing I have ever done! We just keep taking one day at a time, and try to not get too overwhelmed with everything going on. I am learning to let go of the little things, that use to matter so much, i.e. clean house, clean laundry, frequent bathing, and manicured fingers and toes! Who has time for that?!? The days are  absolutely crazy, and some nights at the end of the day, I just need a good cry on the couch and a hug from my amazing husband who tells me I am a great momma!  But, thanks be to God, the amount of joy and love still flowing through this house is in abundance.

Moses has been progressing well, and he is slowly on his way to a healthy 19 month old. This is where we need you to intervene for us in prayer. Moses is having surgery on Wednesday, December 5. He is having his tonsils and adenoids taken out and tubes are being inserted. If all goes well with the surgery we should be able to leave the hospital on Thursday, and start a not-so-fun recovery process at home. Moses woke up this morning with fever, and unfortunately, if he is still running fever by Wednesday we will have to reschedule the surgery. Please pray for Moses' health, and for God to heal Moses. His immune system is not the best and we need to do this surgery as soon as possible since it is affecting his breathing, sleeping, and eating. He is also scheduled to have another surgery on December 18. Lord willing it will all go according to plan, and my baby boy can get healthy. Please don't stop praying for us. The transition has been tough on all of us, especially Stella and Max. Moses seems to be doing best out of all of us. Pray over us this week as we are caring for Moses and that he continues to trust us through this healing process. Pray for our "village" of people who we live life with as they support us through this time, because we greatly need them and value them. 

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