Friday, June 15, 2012


 This was my favorite email that was sent to me from our caseworker. So grateful for our agency and the courts for working so hard to clear up the issue with our documents.

So with no further ado, may I proudly introduce to the world the newest member of the Michael family, 


Moses is 13 months old and is such a sweet and happy baby. We will keep his Ethiopian name, Bayisa, as his middle name, and give him the name Moses when he comes home to us. I can't wait for our friends and family to finally meet him in person. He has no clue how loved he already is! It feels AMAZING to be a momma to 3 kids finally! We still have a lot to do in preparing for our second trip and preparing for Moses to come home!

So, what is the next step in our adoption journey?

Our agency in Ethiopia will now obtain Moses' birth certificate and passport and start applying for all of the paperwork needed for our Embassy appointment that we will attend during our second trip. The US Embassy will do another round of medicals on him and look over our HUGE stack of paperwork. Once they look over that they will notify us that we are clear to travel and attend our Embassy appointment to obtain his visa to come home! This process currently has been taking around 6-8 weeks. Currently, I am up to my ears in paperwork (yes, again) and trying to do everything I can in my power to make the rest of our process go as fast as possible. We are still in a very important (and stressful) stage of the process, and are praying for everything to go smoothly and in a timely manner.

To all of our friends and family, we still need your support!

-Please pray for the agency in Ethiopia getting together all of our documents on our behalf. Pray that all the documents are filled out correctly and in a timely manner.
-Pray that the US Embassy looks over our documents and everything is approved without any hold-ups along the way.
-Pray for our family. Pray that we get through this wait time peacefully and joyfully. Pray that God continues to watch over us during this INCREDIBLY hard time of transition of being thousands of miles away from our son and that we don't go crazy with our busy schedule for the next 2 months.
-Pray for my health. The past month I have been having some health issues, whichhave been causing me pain and lots of doctor visits. Pray for my healing.
-Pray for baby Moses. Pray that he stays healthy and that he remembers us from our last visit with him.
-Pray over our finances and God's provision. We know that Satan is working hard right now, and he doesn't want to see God's will come into fruition. He can try to tie up our finances by breaking our washing machines, cars, and giving us some health problems to pay for, but HE DOESN'T WIN IN THE END!


Please go and visit a fellow adoptive momma's online store and buy some really cool jewelry! 45% of the proceeds for the month of June will go directly to our travel/legal expenses for our next Ethiopia trip. Isn't that cool, she picked our family to partner with for the month of June. God is good!! Share the website with your friends, family, Facebook, coworkers, whoever you pass by.

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