Monday, May 14, 2012


Today was our first court date in Ethiopia. We didn't have to be at this hearing, but it was basically the MoWCY(the people in Ethiopia regulating the orphans being matched with families) confirming whether or not, that there is enough information to determine that baby Michael is indeed orphaned and he can legally be adopted into another family. 

Unfortunately, there are power outages going on in Ethiopia right now, so our agency has still not heard about what happened during court. Our status is still pending until we hear back from them.

Hopefully we will hear good news tomorrow morning that we passed court, and yes, we can adopt baby Michael, and our second court date (the one we are traveling to go to) will remain the same and on schedule!

PLEASE PRAY that all of this happens. Pray that our court date is not moved and pray that we receive word before we get on the plane on Wednesday. We still trust in God's sovereignty and timing through all of this, no matter what that may be, and we know He is working for our good.

We still have hope, so, in the meantime I will get back to ALL of my packing!

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